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What are the key features to look for in a Glock 43 holster?

by James D. Pennell 28 Mar 2024

The Glock 43 has become one of the most popular concealable firearms in the market. And to truly unlock this firearm's potential, you need the best Glock 43 holster. However, finding the right Glock 43 holster isn't always easy. To find the best fit for you, it's crucial to understand what key features to look for. So, let's dive in and learn what makes a top-grade Glock 43 holster.


The first thing to consider when purchasing a Glock 43 holster is comfort. You may need to wear the holster for long periods, so it's crucial to ensure it won't become irritating or uncomfortable over time. Depending on personal preferences and body shape, some people might prefer IWB (Inside the Waistband) holsters, while others might find OWB (Outside the Waistband) or shoulder holsters more comfortable.


The material used to make a Glock 43 holster also plays a significant role in its usability and longevity. Some common materials used are Kydex, leather, and nylon. Kydex holsters are very durable and offer a perfect fit for the firearm, but they can be rough on the gun's finish. Leather holsters are highly comfortable and have an elegant look, but they require more maintenance. Nylon holsters are typically the most affordable and are relatively durable, but they might not offer the same level of retention or trigger protection as other materials.


A critical aspect to look for in a Glock 43 holster is its retention capability. Retention refers to how securely the firearm is held in the holster. A good holster should have a balance of retention and accessibility, enabling you to draw the gun quickly when needed but also keeping it securely in place during everyday activities. Some holsters feature adjustable retention, allowing you to customize the tightness to your preference.


For those who wish to carry their Glock 43 discreetly, concealment is a key feature. How well a holster hides your firearm can depend on its design and the way it fits on your body. IWB holsters are generally more concealable than OWB holsters, as they keep the gun tucked inside the pants. However, the type of clothing you wear can also affect how concealed your gun is. For deep concealment, consider holsters that can be worn in places like the ankle or inside a pocket.


Having quick accessibility to your firearm is another crucial feature in a Glock 43 holster. The holster should allow you to draw your gun smoothly and swiftly without any hindrance. It's crucial to practice drawing from your holster to ensure it offers the ease of access you need.


Durability is also significant when choosing a Glock 43 holster. The holster should be able to withstand regular use and all sorts of different conditions without breaking or deforming. This doesn't mean that you have to go for the most expensive option, but you should consider the holster's build quality, the reputation of the manufacturer, and reviews from other users.


Also, price is another essential factor to consider when buying a Glock 43 holster. In most cases, you get what you pay for. While there are cheap holsters available, they often lack in quality, durability, and comfort. However, costlier doesn't always mean better. Check the features and consumer reviews to determine if the extra cost is justified.

Hand Orientation

Last but not least, considering the hand orientation is important while selecting a holster for your Glock 43. Some holsters are made for right-handed shooters, while others are designed for left-handed shooters. Make sure you choose the right one according to your used hand.

In conclusion, the key features to look for in a Glock 43 holster are comfort, material, retention, concealment, accessibility, durability, price, and hand orientation. By keeping these considerations in mind, you are more likely to find the holster that best meets your needs and enables you to carry your Glock 43 effectively and comfortably.

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