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What are the Key Differences between the P320 and P365 Guns?

by James D. Pennell 30 Mar 2024

So you're on the hunt for the perfect gun, and two notable contenders have caught your eye -the SIG Sauer P320 and the P365. With their impressive reputations in the firearms market, it's understandable to feel torn between the two. This article aims to dissect the often-discussed comparison of the p320 vs p365, by examining key differences that set the two firearms apart, and hopefully guide your decision-making process.

Size and Concealment

Comparing the p320 vs p365, one of the first glaring differences is the size. The P365 is the smaller of the two, a micro-compact design specifically tailored for conceal carry. It measures overall 5.8 inches long with a slide length of 3.1 inches, making it easy to tuck away and carry unnoticed.

The P320, on the other hand, is a full-size handgun. It comes in at 8 inches in length with a slide length of 4.7 inches. While it may not be as easily concealed as the P365, the P320 is tremendously respected for home and professional use thanks to its size and accuracy at long distances.


One of the hotly contested debates when comparing the P320 vs P365 is the ammunition capacity. The smaller P365 surprises with its double-stack magazine allowing a substantial ammo capacity of 10+1 or 12+1 with an extended magazine, despite its compact size.

The P320, on the other hand, further proves its worth as a full-size firearm with a generous capacity of 17+1 for the 9mm variant. Aside from its standard capacity, there are extended magazines available as well that can increase the capacity to 21 rounds.


The P320 beats the P365 hands-down in terms of modularity. This SIG Sauer model's modular design allows the user to switch between different frame sizes and barrel lengths. This can turn it into a compact, sub-compact, or full-sized weapon. Therefore, with a P320, you get versatility and options encompassed within one model.

The P365, lacking this level of modularity, is a dedicated concealed carry weapon (CCW). The firearm is small, light, yet formidable, offering perfect qualities for a conceal carry weapon.

Trigger System

When it comes to choosing between the P320 vs P365, the trigger system is a noteworthy factor. Both guns possess Striker Fired Trigger systems, promising a clean, crisp, light trigger pull. Making them excellent options for precision shooting in stress situations.

However, the P320 is typically known to have a longer and heavier pull as it uses a partially tensioned striker. It's not a negative rather designed intentionally for safety measures in duty-based scenarios. The P365 offers a shorter, lighter pull ideal for quick self-defense use.


Price is a significant consideration when deciding between the P320 vs P365. Despite its smaller size, the P365 is generally more expensive than the P320. However, as with any purchase, the deciding factor should not hinge solely on price. It's essential also to account for the firearm's intended use, accompanying features, and individual preferences.


In the comparison between the p320 vs p365, there's no right or wrong choice - just what's right for you. The P320's versatile modularity and larger capacity make it an attractive choice for those seeking a home defense firearm or a duty weapon. Meanwhile, the P365's compact size and surprisingly generous capacity make it perfect for concealed carriers. Always remember to consider your personal needs and preferences when purchasing a firearm.

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